What If you never had to worry about IT again?

Who we are

SIC is an Information Technology Consultancy firm. At SIC, our focus primarily lies on IT systems Installation, Integration and serving multiple hardware and software components, thereby providing an end-to-end solution that satisfy our clients’ needs. A young and dynamic team, with a building mentality, we intend to build technological infrastructure for businesses with big ambitions.

Our Mission

Service Consolidation:

Systematic IT Consultant(SIC) mission consists of simplifying the way businesses interact with their IT technologies, by providing efficient technical assistance. By consolidating all your IT services with one provider, we are able to ensure that there is only one team, you should communicate with, whenever you are confronting any technical issues on your end. 

Workflow Coordination:

Through the centralization of all of our client services, we aim to ensure that an effective workflow coordination is achieved, therefore, reducing conflicts and interruptions, and helping you build an infrastructure that tailor to your needs.

Result Orientation:

SIC provides access to an enterprise-grade IT team that understands your unique business requirements in order to deliver the highest quality of results. Among others, System installations repairs (on-site repair services), and maintenance are only part of what we offer. Our managed services can range from remote monitoring and maintenance of your whole system – servers, workstations, printers, UPS and more; thus, making sure that you possess the right tools and resources for your daily business operations.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to establish a long lasting relationship between people and technology, hence delivering functional tech services. Networking is our strength. We pride ourselves in maintaining an excellent relationship with our internal and external team; that is our precious employees and valuable clients. At SIC, team building and social interaction transcends our potential to assist and improve our business productivity and growth. We value client satisfaction as an opportunity for us to express leadership and deliver valuable services by committing to our team and work.