What differentiates us from others?

At SIC, our orientation lies towards key elements such as POS setup and services, network and server integration, outsourcing and mobile/web app development is optimal to our success as a company.Our ultimate drive to offer a vast array of customized solutions to our clients, portrays our core business values and gives us a better edge on the market.

Outsourcing Solutions

Outsource your day-to-day IT activities to improve operations throughout your organization while delivering cost-effective efficiency. SIC outsourcing offers a variety of services that make your business productive and ensure the smooth running of your network and your IT systems. All this at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, not to mention less management and potential problems

Server System

Server systems are the heart of the data centre. We offer various server system assistance that cater to your needs and help you build an optimized server infrastructure. 

Operating System Knowledge – SIC certified technicians and engineers provide services including system administration, configuration, triage and error analysis and action plans for a variety of common server Unix-Based Operating Systems

Maintenance transition plan in every proposal – We propose a clear roadmap in order to seek from the current state of your server maintenance to the standard without pitfalls or mistaken assumptions from either side. Clients will have an idea of what the future looks like before they decide and control the benchmarks for success.

Abundant reporting and personalized maintenance performance reviews – To the point that hardware maintenance becomes a data asset to decision-making

We offer convenient, fully transparent, cloud-based maintenance hub, that allows you to view the same as us while operating our proprietary online support ticketing tool. This feature gives you the ability to open, view, escalate or close incidents from any internet-connected device. Additionally, phone and email will also always be available, therefore allowing you to work at your own convenience.

Our Self-Maintenance Solution: Regarding products that we assist with, we are aware of  some clients level of sophistication. Users can perform the on-site maintenance task at their own discretion. This program provides technical helpdesk support and training, with guaranteed replacement part delivery. 

Network Solutions –Network Solutions are available for a variety of devices in Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), and Storage Area Network (SAN) deployments, including routers, directors/switches, security devices and access points from Cisco™, Brocade™, Juniper™, McData™and others. Full-service proactive as well as cost-conscious reactive support service levels are available and can be mixed and matched by brand, lifecycle and service level on the same contract, letting you dial in your costs to match each component’s criticality.

Applications Development- As a managed service or on demand, we focus on delivering custom solutions enabling you to achieve a competitive advantage and cost savings. We help you to maximize the value of your applications. We leverage innovative techniques, technologies and assets to deliver outstanding solutions.We have sound experience in developing highly interactive mobile applications that are extremely user-friendly and functional. 

Additionally,we offer turnkey, customized solutions on demand or on through in-house consulting and we also create mobile applications on various platforms as per client’s specific needs. 

To improve customer service levels and have a greater number of interactions with the customer, the company provides round-the-clock help desk services, which may include queries related to the client’s product or service, order status, account and service status. Based on the inherent capability of Technicians and Engineers, the company provides Industry Specific Support and Knowledge Management Services to increase productivity at the customer’s end.

Hardware Disposal: SIC hardware disposal service is a cost-effective way to enable physical spacing in your room and clear out any old devices. Our service comes with the highest guarantees on data destruction, giving you total peace of mind that any data held on the devices, will be destroyed securely following strict guidelines. It’s important to highlight that our practice attempts at being very environmental-friendly. 

 PROJECTS- IT managers need more than hardware break/fix support. IT data center requirements are constantly in flux. SIC can tackle the IT projects for you. From server/data migration to data center moves to simple IMac, whatever the IT project, we have solutions.

  •  Server Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Installation, Move, Add, Change Services
  • POS setup and maintenance